I am a Rat Race Escapist, Financial Freedom Writer, Natural Living, Minimalist Lifestyle, Mental Well-Being helper, and Master Gardener living in the desert.

What better way to write a book than by reading the genre of what you will write about?

The Book’s cover “Writing it Real”
Melanie Faith’s cover, as a screen capture on my iPhone, when I just started the book.

I was not sure if this book would be something I should read for my own education or if it was a book just to have something more to review on BookSirens, a place to review advance copies of books.

I later found out that a client of mine was…

by Alexis Paige
How to make a messy literary life, a memoir.

The cover of Work Hard, Not Smart by Alexis Paige

First off, I wanted to thank Amazon for the amazing way you can read a book on your iPhone, using the Kindle application. This application has a notebook within it, so that you can highlight and write notes of the book. …

A Goal for 2022

Today January 1, New Year’s Day

I had told myself that I was not going to create goals this year, as last year and the dreaded 2020 were filled with January 1st goals that didn’t get accomplished.

When I started writing on Medium last year, I thought for sure that it would…

Happiness is A Colorful Life

The reason this is called Happiness is A Colorful Life, though, has nothing to do with stickers, or PR (public relations or professional relations) or getting discounts, but has to do with being happy and enjoying life. …

I wrote this article below for our local lodge and made it into a picture.

Laura Jevtich Image created in Canva

The Picture Above

The above picture is what I wrote for the Pahrump Elks in May for our June newsletter. The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, usually called Elks, because the rest is a mouthful, have an annual Flag Day celebration. …

An inspiring article about your father. Have you considered maybe printing it out and giving to him on Father's Day? I did something similar a while back and used a calligraphy typeset of a poem I wrote. And then put it into a frame. He keeps it on his desk.

Are there truly sad words in the world? Or are the associations and definitions of a word that make them sad? A Master Gardener Wonders…

Laura Jevtich Image of my journaling and art

I think June 8th was a very creative day as I found some great magazine pictures, from gardening journals. This past week was a flurry of gardening activities, including a Graduation party for the classes of 2019 and 2021 for Master Gardeners. …

Poetry in motion, from the movement of my brain to my paper and ultimately to my digital journal…Medium.

I found a great rhyming website called RhymeZone. There are words within this poem and on the side of the page that let me expand this poem. I am using poetry to bring forth memories I had lost. I managed to get all of my journals out of my RV…

Hi All, What can I say in this news for you to use?

©LauraJevtich First Ural Ride in Colorado in 2014

I would love to send you stories that I have made here in Medium, and that way you can read them. If there are good enough, maybe they will allow me to write the book.

Anyway, this is a test, so see if it works, and my first link as well, to something that happened last year.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon,

Laura Jevtich
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Laura Jevtich

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