A Letter from the President

Of PlannerScrapBook Association, a 501(c)(3) organization

Laura Jevtich
3 min readMay 7, 2021

…this is the letter I wrote to my friends, members, and family today…And I is probably why I am a bit sad. And maybe a bit self-wallowing, at least for today. It might also be why my motivation is down, and so is my writing.

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My Letter to All:

I had hoped I would not have to write this letter, but there is no getting around it now.

When I started PlannerScrapBook Association (PSBA), I did so with the understanding that I would bring people together, create new and lasting friendships, and help those that suffered from mental illnesses like anxiety. I was open for business in October 2019, and started bring in new members in December 2019.

When COVID hit the US and my area, specifically around southern Nevada, it came at the worst possible time. Of course, when is a good time to have a pandemic?

But it came right as three of us were going to go to a convention and spread the word about PSBA. I had bought a bunch of materials for that convention plus two more that were supposed to happen later that year.

While I was able to get the money back for attendance, I was not able to return all the items bought for the conventions nor for the business itself. The donations received and memberships helped some, to alleviate the brunt of the bills, but in the end, there is nothing left.

I feel as though I have let you all down, and I am sorry for that. Sometimes though, you have to cut the losses and just be an adult.

I will be filing with the Secretary of State of Nevada about closing down the nonprofit by the end of July. The website will stay up for a while, as I try to sell the domain, but ultimately, if it doesn’t sell, then it too will be gone.

A good friend told me that a way to help others is to live a good life, and teach others to do the same. So, I am trying to do that now. Our house is built and I am back to writing my book about Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventures, my memoir. You can find out about our adventures and the book through social media: @LauraNSasha

I also sent this email through my personal email address rather than the email address through PlannerScrapBook domain. That way you can find me easier, once July is done.

If nothing else, I feel I learned a bunch and met some amazing…

Laura Jevtich

I Changed my Financial Mindset and I am an Author, Small & Natural Living, Minimalist Lifestyle, Productivity Lover, and Master Gardener living in the desert.