Now Improved My Writing by Employing Dictionaries and Reading Thesauruses

I used to read cereal boxes and encyclopedias and now I read blogs, posts, and news.

Laura Jevtich
3 min readMay 12, 2021

I find I am reading even more than writing, and my writing is getting better every day.

Here are some ways that your writing can improve just by reading other works.

Laura Jevtich writing desk with a few books, planners, pens, and papers on it
©Laura Jevtich writing desk with plenty of writing books and planners
  • Start each day reading the news, not watching the news.
    The reason I suggest reading the news is that you might find an interesting subject to write about, such as the tiger roaming his owner’s front lawn. I especially enjoy opening Flipboard to read about opposing economics discussing the unemployment amounts.

While these articles can be with ads galore, using Flipboard or Reader View allows me less distraction from the story and a quicker reading time.

  • After you have had your caffeine (or are at least awake) write down your thoughts and ideas.

I often think of this as my reflection time or meditation time. Others suggest writing for a certain time, but this is only for thoughts and ideas, and not for a true writing session.

  • Read at least a chapter from the book you are reading this month. This time when you read it, see how fast you can read and finish the chapter while still retaining information.

The reason for reading this chapter fast is that ultimately you need to do research on something. The faster you read it and retain the information, the easier it will be to write later on.

These three can be done each day. They do not have to be done one after another, just during the day.

I bought two more thesauruses because I feel that I am not always on my computer when I am writing. Sometimes I read and write at my writing desk, as you can see, a beautiful rose gold and wood desk. I have a great chair that I can move between my craft and computer desk and my writing desk.

I tend to read faster than I write, but I talk slower than I read. Or to put it in quicker terms, I am a fast reader.

Reading and Writing Speeds

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